Depressed that a word you should think of when you see me?

Where did the happy, smiling girl named Jonna go, is she still there, or?

Sometimes it feels like i have nothing to live for, nothing to enjoy.
This isn't true, i know that, but i can't force my body to listen to it.

I'm avoiding contact with people
I’m afraid of discussions
I’m tired all the time
I’m unemployed
I’m not sure what I would like to do with my life
I’m having a hard time laughing
I’m having problems to see myself in the mirrors
I’m crying for nothing
My body is weak
My eyes are heavy
My brain is slow

Maybe my mother is right about one thing,

I’m in a depression

And maybe that’s why I’m sitting in my room and watch interviews of people on

youtube, just to get away from myself…


I do love my family and friends, don't ever forget that, i just need a break...


Ths is one thing that makes me happy for a while, maybe this depression is why i'm
obsessed with him or maybe it's because he is so good looking,

i don't know but he makes me smile.


This is all i have to say

Postat av: Moa

Jag älskar din design!! groovt

2009-12-20 @ 12:18:16

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